My own front garden make-over…   Landscaping tips from a bobcat professionalbusy bobcat...WOLFE’S BOBCAT HIRE    

Before...(July 2016) A bit wild and bushy…Needs a haircut or a bobcat!! 



AFTERA massive pruning, several trips to the dump….new plants with a bit of contrasting colour and shape. A couple of large plants to give the garden a sense of maturity…And VOILA!! A new front yard!! November, 2016.Total cost…around $550. Note a couple of super-advanced plants bulked up with some fast growing annuals to give the feeling of a “grown-up” garden which was really only a couple of months old. See the contrasting colours of red, silver/grey and gold highlighted by white.

happy gardener


A brand  spanking new garden in Bradbury NSW showing off black slate capped with sandstone. Note the  mowing strips to stop that pesky grass from invading the garden. The process is extremely time-consuming but the result is very effective. You really need the patience of “Job” to do this!  I also used to build letterboxes out of slate and capped with sandstone merging with a garden surround. 


We did an entire street with cut Sandstone Blocks on a development down in Coomera,  right behind Dreamworld. These boulders were so heavy the bobcat had to manouevre on two wheels to nudge them into place! You kidding it wasn’t a mission and a half to get those huge blocks into place so precisely?! Here are some before and after pics.

raw sandstone blocks   


A sandstone jigsaw puzzle. All those shattered pieces of sandstone have to be fitted together to give the wall an even height. Very fiddly, and this is where the side-tilt function of the bobcat’s bucket comes in handy.  Also a crowbar, a sledgehammer, and some elbow grease!!


This front yard won for me “Best New Garden” in the Camden/Campbelltown Garden Competition in 1986. It also took out “Best Overall Garden” in Bradbury NSW.

 Before judging, my wife, knowing how competitive I am, entered our yard in the competition even though it was a junk heap…totally rubbish!! She certainly knew what made me tick!! This was in the second week of August 1986. Judging was due on Sept 24, 1986.

How’s that for a bit of short notice!!

Well, I got to work and levelled everything, built Sandstone-Capped Slate garden surrounds with new plants, Turf and paved driveway.  The rest is history!

Admittedly, I owned a large Garden Centre so I had all the contacts and means to get the best value plants and materials at the best possible price, as well as the knowledge and experience.

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