Hi,  I’m Peter Wolfe


I started back at the beginning of the Eighties owning my own Garden Centre….and I bought an old dinosaur of a bobcat as a front-end loader for Landscaping materials.Because I had some nice attractive display gardens around my Centre, it wasn’t long before people started to ask me about their landscaping…which was a reasonable way to supplement income through hard times.So that meant that I had to take my old Dinosaur out to do the heavy work.

 Well…one thing lead to another and I started to concentrate on more and more Bobcat work. So I ended up buying a new machine and I’ve been hard at it ever since. Not on the same machine of course!!

 Now it’s a new, you-beaut Thomas skid-steer Bobcat with a great Side-Tilt bucket.  During those early times I also won two categories of the coveted Camden/Campbelltown Garden Competition. My love of Gardening and Landscaping gives me a huge edge in machine work around the average domestic block of land because I instinctively know the best levels and layouts.


Bobcat Experience counts…